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04 August 2010 @ 08:44 pm
Special Feature: Fic Spotlight  

Fic Spotlight

Title: No Name Woman
Author: bk11
Length: 20,303
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: profanity, sexual content
Summary: It’s a strange new world in which Hermione runs from the law and Draco is the one to bring her back.

Editor’s Thoughts: Wrenching, evocative, philosophical -- each word in this too-brief, too-lovely story batters against you, at times with the force of hailstones and at others, with the feather-touch of a drizzle. Told mostly from Draco's perspective, it's a time-disjointed tale of how Hermione Granger became one of Wizarding England's most wanted fugitives. The beginning of this story is also the beginning of its end.

Draco is an Auror in an AU-HBP-compliant world where extremists run a militant British government and fugitives are hunted down by hit squads. He finds Hermione in Casablanca and brings her back to be locked up in St. Mungo's until her trial. As flawed as Hermione is, and we're privy to much introspection on her part, we get to live and experience the turbulent times in tension-fraught flashes from Draco's eyes. He is/was a racist, he believes/doesn't believe in genocide, and he's no hero, barely a decent man, full of self-justifications, but just vulnerable enough to let another person in, and when he does and she does, it all comes together in a kaleidoscope of graphic, unusual prose that'll leave you with a thoughtful feeling for hours afterwards.

No Name Woman is not merely romantic; it's human.